Earn commission —  become a QUOX Referrer

When you invite traders to QUOX, you start earning uncapped bonuses 

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Referring at Quox

Who is a
QUOX referrer?

You and every member of QUOX are an Introducer. We're building a global community of traders and we want your help to spread the word about QUOX. Introduce new traders to us and you can earn real cash.

Any member of QUOX can earn dollars from trades, bonuses, and referrals. We'll pay a commission bonus to every trader who refers a new and active trader.

Why you should become a 
QUOX referrer?

Get paid 10% on every deposit made by everyone you refer.
Get paid 5% on every deposit made by everyone referred by the trader you referred.
We pay that percentage automatically into your QUOX account.
There's no cap - refer as many people as you can.
Read our full terms for the complete picture.
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Join Quox

Make sure you've claimed your account and know our great features really well. 
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Invite friends

Invite new traders to our platform using your unique URL. You can copy the link straight from the 'Invite friends' button in your account and send in messengers, messages and blogs.


See your trading balance go up

When your referrers have signed up and deposited, we'll automatically send you a percentage of each deposit.
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How does it work?


Start recommending us to traders - seling the platform benefits will help you earn more.


Refer traders to QUOX with your unique tracking number.


See your QUOX account top-up in real-time as you refer.


Check your referral status through a  special page on your account. 
Introducing Broker

What is an
Introducing broker?

An Introducing Broker (IB) is a dedicated referrer who, as a company or individual, will receive commission for introducing traders to us.

There is no cost to sign up, but we'll agree a bespoke relationship that suits both of us.  We'll help with marketing and provide the material that supports your activities.

If you have experience growing trading and financial communities, we want to hear from you. 

Get in touch at affiliate@quox.io.

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