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Cryptocurrencies are increasingly popular digital assets you may see referred to as coins or tokens. They are all supported by extensive networks of computers, meaning they are decentralized and exist outside the control of governments or central authorities.

An increasing number of companies are issuing cryptocurrencies, which users can trade specifically for their products. While these operate much like arcade tokens or casino chips - you exchange real currency for tokens to access their goods or service - cryptocurrency is more than a new form of chip.

While digital currency is the electronic form of fiat money issued by governments, cryptocurrency’s value is secured by encryption. Blockchain manages and records every transaction, providing provenance and security for every owner. Cryptocurrencies are traded in lively and volatile markets.
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Forex or FX stands for Foreign Exchange - an international online currency market where national and regional currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, and others are traded. Day by day, exchange rates of various currencies fluctuate, dependent on a host of factors. For example, the exchange rate of the EUR/USD pair could be 1.2345 at a particular moment before moving to 1.2250 later the same day.

Participants in a Forex markets open deals (place trade orders) and close them at another price. They aim to derive profit from the difference between the two rates. Even a slight change in prices can bring a sizable profit, in line with trading company stocks.

Contract for Difference

CFD stands for Contract for Difference. It’s a trading method where individuals invest in an asset by engaging in a contract with a broker - rather than acquiring the asset directly.

The trader and the broker agree to replicate market conditions and settle the difference when the position closes.

CFDs offer traders and investors the opportunity to profit from price movements in the financial markets without owning the underlying instrument.
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